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About Evergreen Farms
Located at Emerald in Central Queensland, Evergreen Farms' main
horticultural enterprise is table grapes...sweet, juicy, premium quality
fresh grapes.
To complement the culmination of the grape season, we are also large
producers of lychee. Grown inland, under slightly hotter conditions
than coastal areas, our lychee are plump, vibrant with flavour and a
treat to eat.
Evergreen Farms is just 10km from Emerald shopping and is nestled
between Capricorn Highway, the Fairbairn Dam and Nogoa River. This
location above the flood plain provides access to ample water for
irrigation, fertile soils and natural beauty.
Managed by their own agronomist, Evergreen Farms is able to
produce premium quality grapes throughout the vineyard without the
need to concentrate on Specialty brands. Harnessing the benefits of
biological farming techniques, integrated pest management and
resistance management have added benefits of lower chemical, water
and fertilizer usage.
Whilst growing quality fruit is important, we still need people to work
and make sure that our product is prepared and processed to a high
standard. From the fundamental pruning operation through to the
product in the shop we believe that training and commitment is
The working holiday experience of backpackers and students would
never be complete without a stint on the harvest trail. We endeavour
to make this experience enjoyable for everyone. With on-farm
accommodation and fair working conditions our contractors are not
able to provide work for everyone, so make sure you contact them to
check the availabilty of work.
If you have already secured a position with our contractors, you will
be required to complete an induction online. We take safety seriously
and require this commitment from our contractors.
Whether working or on a break, we hope you enjoy our region.
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